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pre nia-war snips take place in the hundreds of years (nearly a thousand years?) period after the collapse, during which stone is reigning as king and emperor, etc. then there's the cataclysmic nia-war itself, which ends that reign AND they lose the heir as well. this leads into the "ever after" story stuff, wherein stone's and pi's kids are rulers fighting over the remains of the divided former empire. original prompt post is here; i'm still working on them if anyone else wants to add any. all done--the second page of snips is here.

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origins: a lecture

Quick Fic

collection #1

collection #2

collection #3

collection #4

collection #5 [a:tng only]

collection #6 [a:tng only]

The Ordinary World and The Powers That Be [mark, stone, and their respective nations]

morning glory [east coast]

captaen screen, at world's collapse [avalon]

mikkel [avalon]

the word 'impossible' need not apply [alfheim]

an ex-kitty

sionnadh pays a visit

incoming [east coast]

dr. czarnecka [east coast]

czarnecka meets sartain

out to lunch

everybody loves czarnecka

the promoter of earth-bound causes

adavidarian & the ard ri [alfheim]

haunted [east coast]

mikkel and stone [alfheim]

an entirely different daughter [east coast]

one morning, in early spring [alfheim]

a hangover

Three(3)Words, Four Syllables [the sartain twins] (⇓ denotes fics which include a song, which may be played or d/l'd.)

back home

your song


somewhere inbetween

the girl from ipanema

disposable teens disposable teens (take 2!)

big bang baby

she's an awfully useful person to know...

sex type thing

grand theft autumn (where is your boy?)

light grenades

dead cell

ice cream

conflicts #1: never tell

conflicts #2: creepy

don't call me rockula: an interview...

The Forgotten Lords of Faerie [diarmad & brenan]


the things that are called to life

3 scenes sparked by the light

bren & aly

random slashy snip

sionnadh pays a visit

the reasons why

return of the cethir cor

none before me

summons--diarmad and stone

Mysterious Ways [adavidarian - the quartet of wrong]

(nb: after adavidarian leaves alfheim)



now what?

the knights vs. the aggirach

kyria and the ard cridhos

waking up

i can has aggirach nao?

greetings from exotic takomanohara!


the ways of dragons, cats, and the internet

the purely metaphorical cup

And Ever After


leoning and the sky-daughter

Things That Don't Fit/Discards

grace [the territories] ⇓

freed (dialogue only) [alfheim] (only because i suspect that the timing is off...)


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